My Story



My name is Maha, welcome to my page.

My first yoga class was challenging, I mean it was brutal! I had not been taking care of my body or been active in years so in my second class, I got sick and left during the first 10 minutes. Its so embarrassing because Bryan Kest was the teacher, but its also a full circle experience since I ended up teaching yoga at his world-renowned studio.

You see, a seed was planted deep within my consciousness, I saw that glow, that awakened look that the yogis had on their face, that they experienced life in a different way, and I wanted that experience! So I didn’t give up, I kept going until I got stronger and gradually got into the flow “the yoga zone”. It didn’t happen overnight, it’s called a yoga practice after all, so I had to commit. I got there by putting in the time and doing the work, and most importantly I did it with compassion toward myself.

There is a saying “when the student is ready, the teacher appears”. After a decade of practicing yoga, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to study with world-renowned yoga instructors Travis Eliot and Lauren Eckstrom, and obtained my 300 hours Yoga-Alliance instructor certificate and now continuing my education toward my 500HR [RYT]. Much gratitude to Bryan Kest, Govind Das, Dan Ward and Byron de Marse who also tremendously influenced my practice. Everything I know, I learned from these incredible teachers. 

Yoga was always my happy place, a space for me to heal. So my purpose in life is to pass it along and hold space for others to heal, and share what I learned throughout the years with as many people as possible. I teach a Holistic Yoga Flow that will challenge you physically and inspire you mentally, emotionally and spiritually. So get ready to sweat!

See you on the mat!


About Maha

Maha Bodhi is the creator of a 10-day online yoga program called Master The Flow of Life. She leads international retreats and workshops and will be featured in the HBO documentary, Scars Unseen. She has been practicing yoga for over a decade and studied with world-renowned yoga teachers Travis Eliot and Lauren Ekstrom, as she completed her 300 hours Yoga-Alliance certification, and continuing her education toward 500 [RYT].

When not teaching yoga, and having earned a master’s degree in Organizational Behavior, Maha works with Fortune 100 companies to help educate their leaders on how to create a productive, healthy and progressive work environment for their people.

Maha is a wellness and high-performance expert that offers a wide range of programs that include motivational and wellness speaking engagements, meditation practices, breathing techniques, yin-yoga practices, and overall mindfulness educational offerings that create clarity in the mind, allowing participants to reach their fullest potential.